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店家簡介 About 蘇杭 Su Hung Restaurant:
As the old Chinese saying goes, “Su Hung is on heaven on Earth”. Su Hung, meaning Su chou and Hung Chou, two of the most “delicious” cities in China. Luckily, one doesn’t have to travel all the way to China for a taste tour. Just visit a Su Hung Restaurants near you, here in Taiwan! Having been in the business for 26 years, they know how to stir up a dish!

Crowned with the titles of “#1 Dongpo's Pork in the country” and “#1 Lion’s Head meatballs in the country”, Su Hung is a restaurant which takes their food seriously. Normally, one thinks traditional Chinese restaurants are old and stale, but upon entering Su Hung, you will notice the lively modernized Chinese theme and the vivid Chinese culture deco. Su Hung is loved by many well known politicians and businessman, as well as many trendy people who know about food. Unlike the traditional restaurants, their strategy is to keep the traditional taste while implementing new ideas and new plating. This has attracted much attention to food lovers all over. Their experienced chefs visit China at least once a year to bring back 10~20 new dishes, while adding some new ideas to the dishes.

It is widely known that North Eastern China has 2 valuable treasures, and so does Su Hung, which is their Dongpo Pork, Shrimp and Gourd Steamed Dumplings (Xiaolongbao), and Duck Soup. As soon as the #1 Dongpo’s Pork was tabled, the fat and protein ratio was superb, meat being so soft, and the fat doesn’t taste greasy at all. Place a piece in the steamed bun and you’ll be wolfing it down fast! We also tried the Shrimp and Gourd Steamed Dumplings which is a dish that many well known Xiaolongbao restaurants wont even dare to try due to its degree of difficulty. The soup is totally sealed within the thin outer skin so you can taste the bun with every bite! Other than the two above, these are also highly recommended dishes to try:

Crab Roe Tofu - There is no description other than soft, smooth, delicious for this dish.

Shrimp Lettuce Roll – You will first notice the skillfully chopped shimp and the aromatic XhaoXin win when this dish is presented. The crunchy filling wrapped in the crisp lettuce feels as if the roll is dancing in your mouth from bite #1!

Spring Onion Pancake – This aint no ordinary pancake you find on the corner of the street. The pancakes are stuffed with spring onions, definitely does the job when you want to pair up with ANY dish!

So if you are looking for some kick-ass Chinese food, or just want to show off your taste in Chinese cuisine, why don’t you take your friend to Su Hung? They will surely be impressed!



俗話說「上有天堂,下有蘇杭」,而不用遠赴中國就可以在台灣嘗到正宗的上海菜就是在已經營26年原老字號「蘇杭小館」改名後的「蘇杭」餐廳。走進有 「東坡肉第一名」,「獅子頭第一名」頭銜的蘇杭餐廳,你馬上就會對傳統中式餐廳的古板印象完全改觀。現代中國風的裝潢,「蘇杭」不僅是大多數政商名人的最愛,也是懂的品嘗佳餚的年輕族群的新寵兒。全因他們的口味傳統,概念新潮,老菜新做的獨特模式才能夠吸引到廣泛的饕客前來品嘗。他們的主廚都是經驗多年的老師傅,不僅常常將傳統菜用創新的擺飾與搭配,且他們每年都會去中國考察,回來都會有10~20種新菜色出現在菜單上。

大家都知道東北有三寶,但您知道蘇杭也有三寶嗎?那就是 東坡、絲瓜、老鴨煲。 蘇杭第一名的東坡肉端上桌來,完美的肥瘦肉比例,夾在蒸包內,不油不膩,吃過後齒縫留香,第一名真是實至名歸。我們也嚐了就連一些知名小龍湯包館都不敢輕易嘗試的絲瓜蝦仁湯包。皮薄餡實、湯汁完整封住,一滴不漏的完全進入口中真是一大享受啊!除此之外,更要嘗試他們以下這些佳餚:

蟹黃豆腐 - 豆腐除了「嫩、滑、香」,再也沒有更好的比喻了。

生菜蝦鬆 – 除了餡料可看出師傅刀工之外,還會聞到一股淡淡紹興香味。口感酥脆的蝦鬆,包著清脆生菜,送入嘴裡,彷彿是像蝦子在你口中跳起舞來。

蔥油餅 - 這絕對不是你一般可以吃到的50塊錢油油的蔥油餅。滿滿的蔥被扎實的麵皮包住,蔥香溢齒,搭任何菜餚都是絕佳組合。







#2-1 Jinan Road Sec. 1, Taipei
Tel:(02) 2396-3186      

Food Court, 201 Shipai Road Sec. 2, Taipei
Tel :(02) 2875- 1302

25, 2F, Ming Chuan Road, Xin Dian 
Tel:(02) 2910-7522      

#45, 2F Chengxin Street, Beitou District, Taipei
Tel:(02) 2828-6828      

台中復興店 (新時代購物中心10樓) - 
86, 10F Fushing Road, East District, Taiching (ModeMall 10F)
Tel:(04) 2225-9922





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